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Insurance Gurus LLC is a Cedar Rapids life insurance agency serving all of Iowa. Unlike many other purchases, life insurance is one item that must be purchased before there is an imminent need. Yes getting plenty of life insurance when one is young and healthy makes a lot of sense but it’s something few ever really do.

While most people insure their “gold” such as cars, home, cell phones, etc. far fewer insure the “goose that lays the golden eggs.” Have you ever considered who relies on you? The care you provide and paying bills such as food, transportation, shelter and education all add up over the years. If you aren’t around anymore what will happen to those who depend on you?

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Life insurance is an essential financial security tool and can fill that gap should you pass away prematurely or even too late in life. Life insurance comes in two major types:

  1. Term Life Insurance

    1. Coverage or a period of your life – usually during your wage earning years
    2. Offer higher face values at lower premiums
    3. Can often be continued after it matures, but at a much higher rate
    4. Accrues no equity or cash value – just pure death protection within the term
  1. Permanent Life Insurance

    1. Provides protection for your whole life, rather than just a set term
    2. Higher premiums than term life insurance, but can be of more value over time
    3. Builds equity or a cash value that you can borrow against

There are also life insurance plans that contain both term and permanent coverage, such as universal life insurance.  Many people will buy insurance to cover final or burial expenses so that their loved ones can grieve without being burdened by outstanding bills and pending funeral expenses.

Contact Insurance Gurus LLC is an Iowa life insurance agency to help you find the coverage that suits you and your family’s needs. Call for your free life insurance quote today.