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Recreational Vehicles: RV Insurance

Your RV is more than a means of transportation. It is your home away from home – a lifestyle! RV owners may see unique situations while on the road or vacationing. Therefore you need coverage that is specialized for those special needs. A recreational vehicle is a general term that encompasses all types of camping rigs. They fall into two categories: RV’s with their own motor are called motorhomes and those which you tow are called travel trailers.

Cedar Rapids Motorhome Insurance Quotes

Motorhomes are classified into three classes:

  • Class A motorhomes (largest)
  • Class C motorhomes (mid-range)
  • Class B motorhomes also called “camper vans”

No matter what class your motorhome falls in we can provide competitive quotes from multiple carriers.

Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheel Campers

RVs which are pulled behind a truck are either fifth wheel campers or travel trailers. A fifth wheel trailer has a head that comes over the top of a pickup truck bed. The truck needs to be equipped with a special fifth wheel hitch in its bed. This provides more stability and easier maneuverability such as when backing into your camp site. A travel trailer hitches to the rear of your truck like a utility trailer and comes in many lengths. A popular entry-level option are pop-up camper trailers. These units have tent walls but include a solid roof and floor to keep you high & dry. There are also truck campers that are mounted in the bed of pick-up trucks. Since there is no trailer, backing is simple.

Get an RV insurance quote from a locally-owned Cedar Rapids insurance agency. Insurance Gurus will shop many carriers to get you quality RV coverage at the most affordable rates you’ll find in Iowa. We recommend a specialized RV policy for more comprehensive coverage.

Our specialty RV insurance carriers include: