Meet our Agency Spokesperson: “Lu”

Our brand spokesperson, "Lu"

Lu represents the fun and innovative spirit of our young, growing agency.

For many years Mrs. Olson was the face of Folgers coffee, Toyota has Jan and now Insurance Gurus has Lu. Since becoming an independent agency, there was a need to develop our agency brand identity and distinguish ourselves from the hundreds of other insurance agencies in the Cedar Rapids area. ¬†Meet “Lu” our agency spokesperson. She represents our family-owned agency in the same fun and friendly way we like to do business.

You have to be resourceful and a little creative as a young and growing new business. With nothing in the budget for talent we turned to our daughter Lindsey to fill this role! She has been a great help with our new brand’s colors and look. When I first told her about my plans to start an independent agency in order to offer our clients several great insurance companies, her response was, “So you’re like a personal shopper for insurance.” I knew then we had our agency tagline.

Our Plan

Our business model is to be great at helping families and individuals get the most value for their home and auto insurance dollar by matching them with an insurance company that best fits their needs. And if you have a boat, motorcycle, RV or travel trailer, we have many markets for the coverage you need. Commercial insurance is a growing segment for us and we look forward to servicing your business’s needs as well.

Share your good experiences!

As with any small business, referrals are our life blood. If you know of anyone who appreciates great personal service and competitive rates, please tell them about us. We are never too busy for your referrals. If you would like to share your personal experience with Insurance Gurus, please send us your testimonial!