Affordable Home Insurance Quotes in Cedar Rapids, IA

Home insurance quotes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Get multiple home insurance quotes for the best value!

Your home is your biggest investment so you should protect it with care. Insurance Gurus LLC is affiliated with some of the best rated home insurance companies in America. We believe the best way to maintain affordable home insurance premiums is when the homeowner and insurance company work together to help prevent accidents before losses occur. Keeping up with routine maintenance to protect your property, recognizing potential hazards and a general pride of ownership helps increase the value of your home. But it also can save you hundreds on your homeowners insurance by reducing the likelihood for a claim to occur in the first place.

To qualify for the best home insurance quotes, insurers require that homes are well maintained with regular updates. There are discounts available for staying claims-free, not to mention avoid added surcharges. As you know, “an ounce of prevention…” Your agent can provide specifics for your policy.

Why do you need Homeowners Insurance?

As the saying goes, accidents do happen. Homeowners insurance can protect your home, other structures and your personal property from expensive losses. If you do suffer a covered loss and are unable to live in your home while repairs are made, additional living expense coverage can cover those extra expenses. Another important coverage is personal liability which can offer protection from lawsuits for accidents you are legally liable for. If you are responsible for injuring someone or damaging their property, you could be on the hook for hundreds of thousands in damages. A personal liability umbrella can provide over and above coverage with much higher limits. Even if you’re not legally liable, medical payments coverage can pay medical costs to visitors hurt on your property.

Endorsements and Optional Coverage

While your personal property coverage may have high limits there are certain sub-limits within your policy that greatly reduce the limit on certain items. For example typically homeowner policies have a sub-limit of $1,000 for jewelry. If you own valuable personal property you may want to schedule them for better protection. Scheduling describes individual property and expands the coverage, covering more perils or types of losses. You can also select a lower deductible for scheduled items. An inland marine policy offers more advantages. It separates the personal property from your homeowners policy. Therefore a claim won’t adversely affect your home’s premiums. Some valuable items to consider include:

  • Jewelry
  • Fine art and collectibles
  • Musical instruments
  • Hearing aids
  • Guns and archery equipment
  • Tools
  • Expensive electronics
  • Business personal property

Most Iowa homeowners insurance policies do not cover losses due to flood. Even if you don’t live in a flood-prone area there is always a degree of risk for flood. That’s why a flood insurance policy is recommended. Likewise, Earthquake or movement of earth isn’t covered in your homeowner’s policy therefore an endorsement is necessary to cover this peril.

Preventing expensive water backup in your home

Back-up of sewer or drain or sump pump malfunction losses are common in Iowa but are not covered in your base policy. Therefore a special endorsement (and premium) is needed for coverage. Limits vary so be sure to get a high enough limit to cover: 1) clean-up costs 2) damage to your dwelling and 3) loss of personal property.

Homeowners insurance, like homes themselves, come in many forms depending on the type of property you own or rent. See these pages for your specific needs:

Bundling your Home and Auto insurance can save big money!

One of the easiest ways to get the best rates on your Iowa home is to get competitive auto insurance quotes whenever you get a homeowners quote. Many insurers offer up to 25-35% discounts on your homeowners insurance if you have your auto policies with the same company. In addition to big discounts on your home insurance, some companies also give discounts on your auto insurance as well. Another advantage of bundling home and auto is when your insurance carrier offers a single deductible when your home and auto suffers losses from the same occurrence. For example if the same hail storm damages your home’s roof and your car, you could pay just one deductible instead of one for the home and another for the car. On the other hand, for some families, separate policies may be the best, especially if there are special circumstances such as an SR-22 requirement.

Insurance Gurus LLC can help you determine what coverage is right for you and provide you with a free homeowner’s insurance policy review. We serve the greater Cedar Rapids area, Linn and Benton County as well as all of Iowa for that matter. Request competitive home insurance quotes today!