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Bundled Home and Auto Insurance Quotes

While some people might reason that is not wise to “put all your eggs in one basket,” what’s true for eggs doesn’t necessarily apply to your insurance. In fact it is desirable to have your home and auto insurance with the same carrier for many reasons.

  • Bundled savings. This is no myth, nearly every insurance company offers big discounts, 25% on average, on their homeowners insurance. Some companies even double dip their discounts by offering additional discounts on the auto insurance policy when you have your home with them as well.
  • Convenience. Life is complicated enough, why make it worse by splitting up your business between different insurance companies? It’s also more efficient for the insurance carriers. That’s why they offer multi-policy discounts in the first place.
  •  One deductible. Some companies (not all) will only charge one deductible if the same storm, or other peril, damages your home and autos at the same time.
  • Better service. An agent can better access your needs and anticipate potential coverage gaps when there is a clear view of your assets.
  • More competition. Some insurers will not sell stand alone or mono-line polices. To be able to quote with more carriers, you should at least to open to the idea of using the same carrier fro both your home and auto policies.

Of course there are always exceptions and in some cases it may make sense to use different companies. Such as if the home or auto requires a non-standard risk policy due to driving record or if the home doesn’t qualify. If that’s the case for you then get multiple quotes for both the home and the auto and go for the two which offer the best coverage for your money.

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