Renters Insurance

Looking for affordable renters insurance quotes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa?

Renters Insurance

Moving to your first apartment? Don’t forget the insurance!

You may rent but you own your home’s contents. If your possessions are lost in a break-in, fire or tornado a renters policy can help you recover quickly from the loss. How much would it cost you if you had to replace all your clothing, furniture, electronics, bicycle and other personal property? Renters insurance is very affordable, typically around $10-$15/month in the Cedar Rapids area. You can get coverage for the actual cash value or replacement cost of your property.

Why do I need Renters Insurance for my home or apartment?

Renters insurance not only covers your personal property, it can protect you from personal liability lawsuits which could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. You are responsible for the areas of the premises which you have custody and control. If you accidentally hurt someone or are responsible for property damage to others, your personal liability coverage can protect you from losses even away from home. Dog bites can be another liability risk for your family. Many landlords now require that their tenants carry renters insurance for these reasons.

What if your apartment building has a fire and you cannot live in your apartment until the damage is repaired? Renters insurance provides loss of use or additional living expenses which can cover your temporary hotel and related living expenses.

Bundle and Save!

Most insurance companies offer significant discounts for bundling your auto and renters insurance together. In fact you may be surprised to learn that auto + renters insurance combined costs almost the same as auto insurance alone!

Contact Insurance Gurus LLC for a renter’s insurance quote for your house, apartment or mobile home today. Discounts are available for bundling your renters and auto insurance together.





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